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Purchase Discount Ticket Vouchers in Bulk

Megaplex Theatres is THE place to enjoy the movie going experience, and you can offer your employees and guests a voucher equivalent to an evening ticket at a discount to you! Minimum purchase quantity of 25 tickets required.

Use at any of the five Megaplex Theatres locations. Vouchers are not valid during studio restriction period.

Good for one admission ticket to any MEGAPLEX theatre. This pass cannot be used for movies labeled "No Passes or Discount Tickets Accepted." See our newspaper ads, website or call for more details.

Discounts are also available on bulk gift card purchases. To learn more information click here or contact our Fulfillment Center

Call the Fulfillment Center at 1-866-943-7173 or (801)304-4545 to order Discount Ticket Vouchers over the phone.


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