Point Level Reward
25 Points $2 Off $10 Concessions Purchase
50 Points FREE Small Soda or MegaMug Refill
75 Points FREE Small Soda or MegaMug Refill
100 Points $2 Off $10 Concessions Purchase
125 Points $2 Off Large Popcorn or $2 Off MegaTub Refill
150 Points Free Regular Popcorn or MegaTub Refill
175 Points Free Candy with purchase of a Large Popcorn
200 Points Matinee Movie for  $1(upgrade fee may apply)
225 Points Free Regular Popcorn or MegaTub Refill
250 Points $2 Off of a MegaDeal
275 Points FREE Small Soda or MegaMug Refill
Point Level Reward
300 Points Regular Movie Only $1(upgrade fee may apply)
325 Points $2 Off $10 Concessions Purchase
350 Points FREE Small Soda or MegaMug Refill
375 Points FREE Small Soda or MegaMug Refill
400 Points Matinee Movie for  $1(upgrade fee may apply)
425 Points $2 OFF MegaDeal
450 Points Free Regular Popcorn or MegaTub Refill
475 Points $2 Off $10 Concessions Purchase
500 Points FREE  Movie - Any Format
MegaRewards Points Reset to Zero
Lifetime Points Balance continues accruing points.

Your MegaRewards card must be fully registered for your rewards vouchers to print on your next purchase. Rewards vouchers print with your tickets and receipts.

Rewards vouchers are set to print at kiosks, box offices, concessions and food court areas in our theatres. Rewards vouchers are queued in the system and wait to print the next time you make a purchase. They expire 60 days from the date they are earned, not printed. If you delay visiting our theatres for more than 60 days between purchases the vouchers expire and are removed from the print que. Expired rewards cannot be reprinted or reissued. You continue through the rewards chart 500 point cycle and then it resets your points to zero and starts again.

Guests receive 10 bonus points for fully registering their cards for the first time online.

A maximum of 300 points per card per day may be earned with qualified purchases.

Some Rewards may be upgraded for an additional fee.

  • Free Regular Soft Drink may be upgraded to refillable Large Soft Drink for an additional $1.50.
  • Free Regular Popcorn may be upgraded to the refillable Large Popcorn for an additional $1.50.
  • Studio Restrictions may apply to the MegaRewards Movie Voucher.

Please see complete set of rules here for more details.


Guests earn MegaRewards points towards free concession items or movie tickets for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases including movie tickets, concessions, and selected food court locations (detailed below).

Once your MegaRewards card is fully registered you will receive a rewards voucher for every 25 points you earn. MegaRewards Vouchers print automatically as soon as you have qualified for the reward. There is no need to “save up” points; you will automatically receive the next reward built into the MegaRewards program. Please watch your receipts for the ones that say Congratulations you have earned (Reward)…these are your vouchers. Please be advised that reward vouchers cannot be reprinted or replaced if they are lost or left behind.

Registration is now required to receive any MegaRewards award. MegaRewards points continue to build upon qualified use, even if the MegaRewards card is not registered. The most recent MegaReward will activate once the MegaReward account is registered online here.

Qualified Purchases

  • Megaplex regular admission, senior, child, or bargain Tuesday paid movie tickets
  • Megaplex 3D, IMAX, D-Box, Special admission paid tickets
  • Concession purchases (Popcorn, Candy, Soda, etc.)
  • Food Court Items at "Participating Restaurants"
    • Main Street Deli
    • Broadway Sweets
    • O'Brian's
    • Bon Bon Crepes
    • Pizza Hut Express
    • Snappy's Burgers
    • Mayan Express
    • Dog House
    • Smokey's BBQ

Non-Qualified Purchases

  • Gift Cards
    • The purchase of a Gift Card does not qualify for MegaRewards points; however, the use of a Gift Card does qualify for points.
  • Gift Baskets
  • Online Shopping Cart Gift Items
  • Promotional Items
  • Nuts 4 You Purchases
  • Any "Outside/3rd Party Vendor" operating within Megaplex Theatres



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