Special Needs Guests

Descriptive Video Services, Rear Window Captioning, and Reserved Wheelchair Seating
Megaplex Theatres offers Descriptive Video Service and Rear Window Captioning for blind, visually-impaired, deaf and hard-of-hearing movie patrons to enhance their movie-going experience. Megaplex is the only theatre company in the area to offer all of these advanced services to their guests.


Visually Impaired Guests

Blind or visually-impaired guests of Megaplex Theatres check out wireless headsets from the Guest Services desk. The headsets play the Descriptive Video Service (DVS) during the movie. Similar to listening to a book on tape, DVS plays scripted material describing the visual elements of the film which help the guest understand what is happening on the screen - from the scenery to the plot. The movie producer generally fits the DVS soundtrack in natural pauses in the dialogue as not to distract from the film itself.

Hearing Impaired Guests

Open Captioning
Megaplex Theatres offers open captioning for hard of hearing guests for specific screenings at participating Megaplex locations. Open captioning is a movie with subtitles visible on the screen. Open captions contain readable text on the movie screen that include descriptors of dialogue, sound effects and music for the hard of hearing. Even important details such as the set design and costumes that set the tone of a movie are shown as text on the screen. The soundtrack still plays along with the movie, regardless of a person's ability to hear it.

Closed Captioning
Deaf or hard-of-hearing moviegoers can also pick up their Rear Window Captioning (RWC) device at a Megaplex Theatres guest desk. The plastic screen fits into the cup holders between the seats and reflects text captions projected off of the back wall of the theatre. Captions are separate files played through a computer and synchronized with the film. The captions are only viewable to the guests with the RWC screen and are non-intrusive to other guests in the auditorium.

Wheelchair and Mobility Impaired Guests

All Megaplex Theatres auditoriums are wheelchair accessible and have designated rows set aside for guests with mobility issues.

DVS and/or RWC services available locations:

South Jordan The District
Lehi Thanksgiving Point
Centerville Legacy Crossing
Ogden The Junction

Wheelchair and Mobility Impaired Reserved Seating

All Megaplex Theatres auditoriums are wheelchair accessible and have designated rows set aside for guests with mobility issues. These seats may be reserved online, via mobile device, at a ticketing kiosk, or at the Guest Services desk at all Megaplex locations.

Service Animals

Please click here to learn more about Service Animals at Megaplex Theatres

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