New Megaplex Mug Trade In Program!


Broken handle? Lost lid? Faded or worn out Megaplex Mug? No problem! Now you can bring your old Megaplex Theatres Refillable Mug to any participating Megaplex location and trade it in for a new mug for only $8.50! That’s a $6.75 SAVINGS on a brand new mug!

Megaplex Theatres Refillable Mugs save you money every time you go to the movies. Guests who purchased some of the first generation Megaplex Mugs brag about saving hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of their mug. Now you can save even more money by bringing in your old or broken Megaplex Mug and trade it in for a brand new one! Enjoy many years worth of refreshment!

May we suggest breaking in your new Megaplex Theatres Refillable Mug with a special trip to one of our locations featuring the Coca Cola Freestyle machines? Coca Cola Freestyle offers thirsty moviegoers more than 100 different beverage options.

If you can’t bring yourself to part with your mug due to too many fond memories at the movies together, you are welcome to post a photo of you and your mug on the Megaplex Theatres Facebook page in our “Megaplex Mug Hall of Fame.

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